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Readerboard Sign Accessories

Don’t let poor storage or a worn out suction cup ruin your letters.  Spanton Readerboard supplies Zip letter suction cups, letter storage cabinets, and extendable pole changers to meet your needs.  New suction cups can make changing your readerboard fast and easy, preventing breakage from dropped letters due to poor suction. Our letter storage cabinets provide organized, cataloged storage of your Zip or Gemini readerboard letters for easy access when creating a new message for your marquee.  When it comes to safety, telescoping pole changers allow your employees to change your readerboard without climbing ladders – reduce your liability and put your employee’s safety first by purchasing a pole changer today!

Regular Cup
Regular Cup - $32
with Ratchet - $39
3-3/4" Diameter
Small Cup
Small Cup - $24
with Ratchet - $31
2-1/8" Diameter
Double Cup
Double Cup - $85
(Regular Cups)
Storage Cabinet
Storage Cabinet
4 & 6" Letters - $95.00
8" Letters - $110.00
10" Letters - $120.00
12" Letters - $145.00
Telescoping Zip Changer
Zip Changer Telescoping
6-12ft: $99
6-18ft: $119
8-24ft: $145

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